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Masseuse and You

Your fully nude masseuse will pour warm oils over your body to perform a sensual and soothing massage with breast sweeps and body-to-body slides.


Complete this titillating massage with an electrifying full release, leaving you wholly satisfied and ready to face the world again.


Masseuse and You:
Sensual Massage

Your fully nude masseuse will pour warm oils over your body to perform sensual and soothing sensual massage with breast sweeps and body to body slides. As you drift further into a euphoric relaxation, your masseuse aims to tantalize and tease until the fires within erupt!


30 min - $130.00

45 min - $160.00

60 min - $190.00

75 min - $240.00

90 min - $290.00

120 min - $380.00

Masseuses who offer One-on-One Sensual Massage in Auckland

These Auckland Sensual Massage therapists offer our signature Masseuse and You service, which is a nude and oily body-to-body massage with a thrilling climax!

1. Extra Services

Extra services are additional offerings not featured in our standard sensual massage packages and may vary from one masseuse to another. We gladly embrace the opportunity to enhance your sensual massage with these extras and suggest discussing them privately with your masseuse during your session. Although our reception team can provide general guidance based on your preferences, please be aware that the details and pricing of these services are to be kept confidential and arranged solely between you and your chosen masseuse.

2. Consent and Extras

Services not listed as part of our sensual massage packages must only be performed with the explicit consent of the masseuse. Any attempts to request or attain services not included in the massage package will result in the immediate termination of your massage session, without any refund.

3. Full Service Policy

It's essential to clarify that 'full service' is not considered an extra nor is it a service we offer. Any attempts to pressure our masseuses into providing this service will result in the immediate termination of your booking without a refund.

All about Extras

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