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Sensual Relax Sensual Massage Services

Find out more about Sensual Relax, who we are and our sensual massage services in Auckland, NZ.

Who Are Sensual Relax?

Sensual Relax is Auckland's premier destination for sensual massage. We have been providing the finest sensual massage experiences to satisfied clients since 2006, although recently coming under new management.


Our highly trained masseuses are experts in the art of sensual touch, attuning themselves fully to each client's unique desires, sensitivities and boundaries.


Here at Sensual Relax, we believe in the holistic benefits of massage. A caring and attentive sensual massage session can work wonders for relaxation, stress relief and overall well-being. However, our services extend far beyond the basic.

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Discretion and Comfort

Sensual Relax's central location at 166 Karangahape Road in Auckland, New Sensual Relax provides easy and convenient access to an elite experience. However, discretion is always our top priority. Our discrete signage allows clients to enter confidentially, once inside you will be greeted one on one by your booking partner.

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The Ideal Sensual Massage Environment

Each of our private massage suites features dimmable lighting, relaxing music and comfortable furnishings. Our designated shower facilities also ensure guests feel refreshed both before and after their session.


Only the finest organic oils, thoroughly cleaned sheets and towels are used for ultimate hygiene. In this protected space, clients can fully surrender into each sensual moment without distraction.

A Private Sensual Massage Experience

Our private massage suites are completely secluded and ensure you have a relaxing and immersive experience with your partner or partners from the moment you walk in our doors!

Depending who you book, extra services are available to take your sensual massage experience to another level, make sure to view your masseuse's profile before booking to see what services they offer.

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